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To The Roots

A place, where your soul catches up with you again.

Where did we get such a strange motto? From one story we have heard once about a young and dynamic enterpreneur. He once planned an african holiday to prevent a burn out syndrome.
Right from his arrival one adventure follwed another. Hotel. Safari. A typical must see village… The third day his guide just sat to grass next to the road and watched the horizon.
“What’s up?!” asked our manager jumping around. “We should be in that village in an hour!”
“I am waiting, until my soul catches up with me again”

Drop by to stop for a while.


16 / 10 / 2021

Hele, neděste mě víc, než je nutný! Setkání po třiceti letech bejvalo úplně stačilo, to od maturity jste si mohli k…